Student Organizations

Student Clubs & Organizations

From art to business to public speaking, we've got student clubs for almost every interest. If we don't have an organization, it's easy to start one! If you have any questions, just reach out to your campus student involvement coordinator.

Boulder County Campus

3D Printing Club

A club where we learn how to use 3D printing software and 3D printing machines.

Animation Club

Our purpose is to create, observe, and learn the arts of animation.

Anime & Japanese Culture Club

The Anime & Japanese Culture Club seeks to create a fun environment where students may come in and be able to discuss Anime, Manga, and the culture behind them. The members will vote on series they wish to view together; we will also have Manga that may be read and discussed as a group, and we will discuss the cultural background of the series, and how the Japanese culture is integrated into it. We will also be looking at important cultural aspects in Japan.

Board Game Club

Spare some time for fun! We love playing all kinds of games together: classic, new age, tabletop gaming, and more.

Boulder Writing Club

A community for creative writers to write, share, and workshop.

EMS Club

We facilitate the development and continuing education of Emergency Medical Service Professionals.

Engineering Club

Students have a chance to make a real world difference by helping to design and produce something to help their local community. We focus on the entire process from design to manufacturing. Come help us make something new for experience or for fun!

Environmental Science Club

We will explore local and global environmental issues and concerns. We will discuss, brainstorm, and try to come up with real life solutions to some of these issues. 

Everybody's Business

We exist to educate students about building and maintaining a business of their own as well as other career-oriented activities.

Feminist Uprising Collective

The Feminist Uprising Collective works to elevate the voices of the unheard. As emissaries of intersectional feminism, we advocate for gender, racial, and economic equity at Front Range Community College and beyond. Learn more about Feminist Uprising.  

Hacking Club

We meet on a regular basis to discuss a variety of computer security topics, techniques, and tutorials.

The High School Club

To provide support to concurrent enrollment students and make new friends. Talk about our college experiences and play various games. Only open to concurrent enrollment students.

International Affairs Club

International Affairs Club aims to bring together students who are interested in politics, international economics and other international news. It is where international students and domestic students can share experiences and knowledge with each other. Ultimately, it is a search to better understand the value and importance of international peace, security and cooperation.


Jimsville is the Boulder County Campus Super Smash Bros. Ultimate club, as well as the Smash hub, hosting weekly tournaments for Front Range Community College, Longmont, and beyond. Learn more about Jimsville.

Latinx Club

We educate and inform the community and all students about the Hispanic and Latinx culture through events and membership.

Medical Office Technology (MOT) Club

MOT club promotes comradery, teamwork, leadership, and professionalism to those pursuing medical office careers. Learn more about the MOT Club.

Phi Theta Kappa (PTK)

PTK is an international honor society where members can grow their leadership skills, participate in service projects, earn scholarships, and more. Learn more about Phi Theta Kappa and how to become a member of our chapter.


We celebrate our shared interest in psychology by exploring and discussing topics related to the subject with guest speakers, job/interview skills building, documentary screenings, presentations, study groups, and more. Both psychology majors and people just interested in psychology are welcome.

Putnam Club

The Putnam Exam is the most prestigious and challenging math competition of our time. We meet to train and practice for the Putnam Exam.

Q.U.I.P. (Queers United in Pride)

To provide support and community for people of all orientations, gender identities and expressions. To promote understanding and inclusion of all intersections, including, but not limited to race, ethnicity, ability and social economic status.

Seekers of the Supernatural

Seek out knowledge, evidence, and examples of the supernatural and the occult; discuss symbols, magick, our philosophy of reality and our place in it; and learn real techniques of magick and meditation.

Ski Club

Front Range Community College, Boulder County Campus is proud to offer Ski Club - a club organized to promote the sports of skiing and snowboarding to the FRCC community. Whether you are an avid skier or learning to link turns, Ski Club is here to support your growth. Our club has year-round activities. To get excited for the season we host a number of skiing and snowboarding movies, general monthly meetings, ski clothing drives, and plan many local ski trips.

Student Government Association

SGA represents FRCC students. They strive to promote the general welfare of students. SGA plays a vital role in fostering community and providing a direct link between students, faculty and administration. Students may run for open positions in the spring. Learn more about SGA.

Student Veterans Organization

We help foster a positive college experience for all veterans, students, staff and alumni. Our objective is to be the voice for our membership and to help ease the transition from military life to successful college student. 

Wise Minds (Meditation Club)

Wise Minds is about promoting well-being for self and others through the practice and study of meditation. 

Larimer Campus

Assisting Student through Discovery Club

Our mission is to help students on the spectrum discover their potential through meaningful interactions with fellow students, campus resources and community members. We support students in their successful journey through higher education and life. For more info, contact Sara.

Computer Science Club

An organization designed to help members explore the fields of computer sciences. For more info, contact Vicki.

Design Club

Are you pursuing a career in Interior Design or are you just a designer at heart? The Design Club exposes students to design through hands-on learning. For more info, contact Nowell.

Dungeons and Dragons Club

A new group looking for members to play DnD on campus in between classes! For more info, contact Ben.

Sexuality and Gender Alliance Club

Centers around supporting Queer and Trans folks, women, and all others who are marginalized in relation to gender and/or sexuality. For more info, contact Kendyl.

Math Club

Where math inclined individuals can walk away feeling more confident in their math skills. For more info, contact Sara.

Mental Health Awareness Club

For all with problems concerning mental health, a new student organization providing awareness, support, and community. For more info, contact Shea.

Phi Theta Kappa

This international honor society for two-year colleges requires a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher. It promotes scholarship, fellowship, leadership, service, and involvement. For more info, contact Judy.

Philosophy Club

This club peruses truth through thoughtful and logical conversations centering around topics in philosophy. For more info, contact  Errol.

The Reporter

The Reporter is Front Range Community College's Larimer Campus online e-newspaper publication. The Reporter delivers relevant news, and creates a platform for writers and reader to get to know their community and share their ideas. We strive to create a platform where students are included, informed, and able to share their work.  

Society of American Foresters

This social and service-oriented club promotes the conservation and continued availability of the forest. For more info, contact  Heather.

Student Government Association 

We represent and act as the official student voice for FRCC students. We strive to define, defend, and advocate for all student rights, responsibilities, and freedoms as well as promote the general welfare of the students. For more info, contact Mary.

Student Nursing Association

This club helps students achieve their academic and professional goals in the health care industry, promotes school and community involvement, and provides networking opportunities and fellowship. For more info, contact Rebecca.

Student Veterans Group

This club offers support to active duty, separated veterans, and dependents for the transition from military to student life. Resources assist students in their pursuit of educational and professional goals. For more info, contact  Tracy.

Student Veterinary Technician Association

Animal lovers coming together to discuss veterinary science and learn as much as possible. For more info, contact Tara.


If you want more information about how to start or join a student organization contact Kendyl Kelly

Westminster Campus

Basketball Club

A club for playing, meeting up with other students, and playing basketball. For more information, email Derek Kates.

Broadened Narrative Book Club

A book club where we read and discuss books in order to understand and center the perspectives of those who are unheard or invisible in society. Our Book Club's focus is to read books written by people from marginalized and oppressed communities. Each month we pick a book together and discuss the ideas we learned in the hope to expand our understanding, empathy, and courage. We meet every other Monday to talk about our current book over an afternoon picnic. For more information, contact faculty advisor Kathy Mullins.


Pride, Raising Awareness, Inclusiveness, Support and Mentoring
We are a group of individuals seeking to build a community with likewise peers. PRISM is a club created for self-identifying trans and queer students. We are an inclusive community that strives to support the building of friendship, a sense of community, and a greater being. We open our doors with respect and support for all students in their identities. PRISM at Front Range Community College strives for growth, accomplishment, acceptance, and a sense of self. View Club PRISM Instagram @prismfrcc. You can join anytime! For more information, contact Paula Prentice or email Club Prism.  

Gateway Ambassadors

We, the members of the Gateway Ambassadors, a student organization at Front Range Community College's Westminster Campus, associate ourselves to provide: guidance and mentorship to other Gateway to College students, outreach about Gateway to College to FRCC and outside organizations, and a voice for Gateway to College students. For more information, contact PJ Travin. View GA Instagram

Nursing Class Officers

The Nursing Class Officers meet to plan, organize & implement the pinning ceremony for their respective graduating classes (fall or spring). Each graduating class has a set of officers. 

Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society (PTK)

PTK is the international honor society for two-year colleges. Membership is based on academic achievement (a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher is required along with completion of 12 credit hours). PTK members promote scholarship, fellowship, leadership, service, & involvement in meaningful activities on campus. A one-time payment of $90 is required to join this society. For more information contact Michelle Medeiros. View PTK Instagram

Science Club

This club is a group of individuals that nurture and foster an appreciation and passion for all branches of science. Furthermore, the only qualification is that you have a desire for individual growth. Individual growth that will greatly benefit you in the future. We are a family-oriented community that respects all areas of scientific and educational interest. The Science Club at Front Range Community College strives for success and accomplishment. In addition, we stand proud of what we believe in and what our goals are. The Science Society is the capstone for scientific exploration and education. For more information, contact Anjali Vaidya

Sociology Club

Interested in making a difference? Wanna be part of social justice and change? We offer a variety of opportunities for intellectual involvement, such as community service projects, field trips, guest speakers, events, and group discussions, each designed to promote awareness surrounding issues of social injustice and its roots. ALL students are welcome. For more information, contact Kristina Kahl.  

Student Government Association (SGA)

Have an active voice on campus: participate in your student government! SGA members strengthen their leadership skills, represent students on important campus issues, and strive to make a positive impact. For more information, contact SGA advisors Mindy Kinnaman or Vanessa Mendez.  

Table Top Gaming Club

We enjoy pursuing fun tabletop games that include a large number of people. We are open to a wide variety of games - including D&D. If it's fun and able to handle large groups, we're game. For more information, contact Chance Folmar.

Technology and Engineering Club and Hangout (TECH)

Discussion and enthusiasm surrounding technology and engineering projects, including building and upgrading computers, designing and building small electronic projects, coding, general engineering techniques and projects, and educational goal setting for those interested in pursuing engineering and computer science degrees. For more information, contact Clara Wente

Theater Club

A club for tech-theater and theater students to come together and put on a production at the end of each semester. For more information, contact Josh Robinson. View Theater Club Instagram.

Veterans Club

A family of veterans, serving our community. For more information, contact Vanessa Mendez.

Volleyball Club

The Volleyball Club welcomes players of all skill levels who are interested in volleyball. We will have open volleyball sessions on and off-campus, as well as indoor and outdoor. There will be practice time to work on individual and team skills. The club also plans to host tournaments and put together teams for off-campus leagues. For more information, contact Derek Kates.

Writing Club

Writing Club is a place for creatives to gather and share in the craft of writing. We offer an inclusive and friendly space to engage in writing prompts share and workshop ideas and discuss the writing of all genres composed by fellow creatives.  

Writing Club hosts several annual events including Open Mic readings in collaboration with the Boulder County Campus, author panels in cooperation with the Westminster Public Library and Student Life, College-Wide Writing Workshops, and more. We also publish Howl, the Westminster campus's literary magazine. 

For more information, contact the Writing Club at View Writing Club Instagram.

Start your own Club!

If we don't have an organization for your interest, it's easy to start one! If you have questions about our student organizations, contact the Coordinator of Student Organizations and Involvement Vanessa Mendez.

Online Learning

Online Student Union

Online students are encouraged to participate in the Online Student Union which is an open student forum. Look for it under your list of classes in MyCourses.

Leadership Programs

Learn more about leadership opportunities like SGA, Leaders in Ethnic Intersectionality & Advocacy, Pi Theta Kappa, National Society of Leadership & Success and more.

Boulder County Campus

Student Government Association (SGA)

SGA represents FRCC students. They strive to promote the general welfare of students. SGA plays a vital role in fostering community and providing a direct link between students, faculty, and administration. Students may run for open positions in the spring. Learn more.

Pi Theta Kappa (PTK)

PTK recognizes and encourages academic achievement, as well as provides opportunities for individual growth and development through participation in honors, leadership, service and fellowship programming. Membership is open to students with a 3.5 GPA or higher who have completed at least 12 credit hours. A one-time fee of $90 is required to join. Contact advisors Amy Mann or Andy DeRoche for more information.

Latinx Excellence Achievement Development Scholars (LEADS)

LEADS is a 15-week leadership program designed to teach leadership skills and provide mentorship training. The LEADS program provides enrichment opportunities to strengthen your leadership and communication skills. Through the program, you will:

  • Gain a greater understanding of your individual abilities and values as you relate to leadership
  • Better understand how culture, diversity, and social justice relate to your role as a leader
  • Develop marketable skills related to effective communication, critical thinking, and organizational/interpersonal skills
  • Learn skills to become a role model for other students
  • Broaden contacts/connections among other students, administrators, faculty, and the community
  • Experience service-based leadership to better understand the value of social responsibility and community involvement

The selection process for LEADS includes submitting an application with two references. Selected individuals will participate in the program for the current academic year.

  • Be a new or current FRCC student
  • Must register for 9 credits minimum each semester of the academic year in which you are applying.
  • Have good academic standing and a minimum cumulative 2.0 GPA for current FRCC students.
  • Strong communication and leadership skills
  • Be able to commit for the entire academic year
  • Identify as Latina/o/x

Contact Krystal Ruvalcaba or Susana Gallegos for more information.

Larimer Campus

The National Society of Leadership & Success

The National Society of Leadership & Success (NSLS) is a leadership honor society (not a fraternity/sorority) available to a limited number of students attending the Larimer County campus. 


  • Students who have a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher are automatically invited to join NSLS. 
  • FRCC GPAs are pulled in July and late December. Those students that meet the GPA requirement at those times are sent a letter in August or January with information about joining, which includes a special code. 
  • Students can then sign up on the NSLS website with their special code and pay the $85 fee to join.
    • If students are in financial need, they should apply for financial assistance (see information below) to cover the $85 fee. These students should NOT sign up on the NSLS website until they are notified of whether they received the assistance.

After joining, students must complete the following steps to obtain NSLS membership induction. These activities take place on campus, and are available at multiple dates and times for students' convenience.

  • Attend one Society-led Orientation Meeting
  • Attend one Leadership Training Workshop (3.15 hrs)
  • Participate in three consecutive Success Networking Team Meetings
  • Be present at three speaker broadcasts

Learn more about NSLS.

NSLS Fee Assistance


  • Awarded to a maximum of five students each semester
  • Students who apply early are given first consideration, but applications must be submitted by the deadline listed in the NSLS invitation letter which is typically the first week of each semester.
  • Each award is $85


  • This fee assistance is awarded to students to cover the $85 fee for joining the National Society of Leadership & Success.

  • It is intended to provide financial assistance to students at Larimer Campus who are pursuing leadership development, but have limited financial resources. 

  • Selection of recipients will be determined by a committee comprised of NSLS advisors and FRCC staff. 


  1. Applicant must attend FRCC Larimer Campus.
  2. Applicant must intend on completing all requirements for induction into NSLS.
  3. Applicant must have completed 9 credit hours at FRCC Larimer Campus.
  4. Applicant must have a cumulative GPA of 2.7 or higher at FRCC. 

How to Apply

For an application, please contact the NSLS advisor or Student Life office.

Westminster Campus

Leaders in Ethnic Intersectionality & Advocacy (LEIA) Program

LEIA Logo Falcon with filled serape print


LEIA's mission is to serve the Latinx student population at FRCC-WC to enhance self-confidence, cultural awareness, community leadership, and advocacy for social justice.


Our vision is that Latinx and LEIA students at Front Range Community College Westminster Campus feel that they are a highly valued and essential component of WC culture who can be active and visible leaders both on campus and in their communities. We will acknowledge each student as individuals while respecting cultural differences, personal backgrounds, socio-economic status, and distinct knowledge. LEIA will be driven by student-centered outcomes, community partnerships, and a strong commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.


  • Be enrolled as a degree-seeking student at Front Range Community College
  • Be enrolled in a minimum of six (6) credit hours per semester
  • Have a minimum of 2.5 GPA or better
  • Be able to demonstrate potential for leadership, success, and commitment to being a community leader.
  • Adhere to FRCC's Student Code of Conduct
  • Open to discuss controversial topics related to social justice (e.g., systemic racism)
  • Be able to commit to all calendared sessions (see program calendar)
  • Answer the following questions:
    • Why are you interested in participating in the annual LEIA program?  (minimum of three (3) paragraphs)
    • What leadership attributes do you currently possess and what would you like to gain from the program? (minimum of three (3) paragraphs)


Apply Now


Feel free to reach out to our team.

Boulder County Campus

Student Life Director

Amanda Clancy


Larimer Campus


Involvement Coordinator
Kendyl Kelly


Westminster Campus

Assistant Director
Tim Mellon