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How are CCAMPIS subsidy amounts determined?

If you meet the requirements to apply, then your CCAMPIS subsidy will be determined by:

  • How many credit hours you are taking
  • Pell-eligibility

For example, if you are taking nine or more credit hours and have an EFC of $0-500, then you would qualify for a 60% subsidy. If you are taking 1-4 credit hours and have an EFC of $1,501 - max, then you would qualify for a 20% subsidy.

Requirements to Apply:

  • Be a Colorado resident
  • Be enrolled part-time or full-time at any FRCC campus
  • Be eligible for Pell grants
  • Be seeking a degree or certificate
  • Earn a GPA of 2.0 or higher

If I'm accepted to the CCAMPIS program, can I reapply the next semester?

Yes, you can reapply for CCAMPIS funding as long as you are a student at FRCC and continue to meet the requirements of the program:

  • Maintain 2.0 GPA or higher
  • Complete FAFSA every year and remain Pell eligible
  • Apply for scholarship funds through FRCC Foundation
  • Attend at least one of the CCAMPIS parent workshops a semester
  • Meet with advisor and CCAMPIS Coordinator at least twice a semester

I'm completing my prerequisites at FRCC. Do I qualify for CCAMPIS?

No. Eligible students must be seeking a degree or certificate and Pell eligible, both require that you declare a major.

What are the requirements for child care providers?

Child care providers must be state-licensed and nationally accredited, or pursing accreditation in the next three years. Alternatively, a child care provider may also be Colorado Shines Level 3 or higher, or pursuing a Level 3 or higher in the next three years. If the child care provider is a before/after school program, the provider must be state licensed.

The CCAMPIS Coordinator can work with you to find an eligible provider, or you can look at the list of partner child care providers.

Providers must sign a contract with FRCC before any payments can be processed.

Can CCAMPIS funding be used for multiple children?

Yes, whatever subsidy amount you are approved for can be applied to each of your children as long as they are under 12 years old and their child care provider(s) is/are eligible to receive funding from CCAMPIS.

What if I'm currently paying for child care?

If you're approved for the CCAMPIS Program and you already have a child care provider, the CCAMPIS Coordinator would be happy to contact them to explain the program and the qualifications for child care providers.

Since providers must sign a contract with FRCC before any payments can be processed, some may choose not to sign. If a provider decides not to sign, the CCAMPIS parent must decide to relinquish CCAMPIS funding or move their child/children to a CCAMPIS eligible child care provider. See list of child care providers partnered with FRCC.

What if I'm not currently paying for child care?

Please check out the list of CCAMPIS child care provider partners to find one in your area.

You will need to research, visit and follow waitlist processes with child care providers in your area to find the right fit for your family.

CCAMPIS funding does not guarantee a spot for your child/children with any of our child care provider partners.

Are there other resources available to parents?

Yes. Every county in Colorado has an early childhood council that is a great resource to parents with young children. In addition, FRCC has a list of resources in our service area.

Early Childhood Partnership of Adams County

Early Childhood Council of Boulder County

Early Childhood Council of Larimer County

Is CCAMPIS different than CCAP?

Yes, CCAMPIS (Child Care Access Means Parents in School) is a federal grant awarded by the Department of Education to different colleges and universities across the nation.

CCAP (Child Care Assistance Program) is a federally funded, county-administered benefit that provides financial assistance to eligible low-income families.

Adams County CCAP

Boulder County CCAP

Larimer County CCAP

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