Peer Mentoring at Larimer Campus

Our learning strategies tutors and peer mentors serve as academic resources for students, helping you stay motivated and helping you learn research-based study strategies.  Our learning strategies tutors are part-time staff members who also tutor in other courses and our peer mentors are current or recent students who have been successful at FRCC and want to help you succeed too.  You can schedule a few sessions with a tutor or mentor to focus on particular topics of your choice or choose to meet with them throughout the semester.  

Learning Strategies Tutors and Peer Mentors are guides, academic coaches, and helpers for new and continuing FRCC students. They: 

  • Provide encouragement and support through personal and academic challenges.
  • Help students set goals, manage their time, and stay organized.
  • Assist students with understanding college expectations, navigating technology like D2L/MyCourses, connecting with campus resources, and developing effective college learning skills. 
  • Share their strategies for success with academic skills like reading college textbooks, taking notes and doing well on exams. 

To get connected with a learning strategies tutor or peer mentor, fill out the Tutor/Peer Mentor Request Form or you can schedule a meeting by contacting the Academic Support Center at 970-204-8112 or dropping by Mount Antero 350.  Sessions start as early as the first week of the semester.  Most tutors and mentors are available remotely through Zoom or on campus for sessions. 

Meet our Learning Strategy Tutors & Peer Mentors!

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Educational Goals: Finish associate degree in Accounting  

Career & Academic Community: Business & Information Technology 

Interests & Involvement: Traveling, Languages (fluent in German), Reading, Hiking, Needlework 

Coursework Taken: Business, Accounting, Math, Economics 

College Success Strategy: Plan ahead, find out what helps to learn, ask questions in class or office hours, and use examples from class as models to practice for homework and exams.

Educational goals: Finish a bachelor’s degree in psychology and then continue to law school 

Career & Academic Community: Social Sciences, Education & Public Service 

Interests & Involvement: Ice hockey, hiking, fishing, hanging out with my dog, board games, video games, D&D 

Coursework Taken: psychology, ethics, literature, English 

College success strategy: Finding what works to keep yourself on track and reach your goals takes some trial and error.  Don’t give up; try new ways to manage your time and keep organized until something clicks! 

Academic Background: Bachelor’s degree in History from CSU with a minor in Political Science with a Museum and Cultural Studies certificate. Previous work in museums and as a TA at CSU for American History. Work as a volunteer at the Avery House Museum, Intern at the Bee Family Farm Museum, and former President of CSU History Club for two terms. 

Interests & Involvement: Hobbies-crafting miniatures, crocheting, bookbinding, sewing, embroidery, and creating gifts for friends and family 

Academic areas of expertise: History, Political Science, English, Study Skills/Learning Strategies, Organization/Time Management  

College success strategy: Well-organized notes make studying and test taking easier later in the semester. This also makes your notes useful to you after you finish your class.

Academic Background: Doctor of Education, Masters in Special Education: Diverse Learning Needs and Abilities, Bachelor’s degree in Sociology with a minor in English Literature, worked in K-12 Special Needs for 30 years, certified Yoga instructor  

Interests & Involvement: Wellness, self-care, mindfulness, my cat, dogs & horses, hiking and family time  

Academic areas of expertise: Study Skills/Learning Strategies, Stress Reduction, Navigating course material on D2L/MyCourses, Organization/Time Management, Managing academic anxiety

Educational Goals: Finish a bachelor’s degree in physics at CSU, go to graduate school for mathematics, and obtain my Ph.D. in particle physics 

Career & Academic Community: Math and Science 

Interests & Involvement: Wolves 2 Rams Scholarship, Backpacking, Hiking, Camping, Mountain Biking, Science, Photography 

Coursework Taken: Math, History, English 

College Success Strategy: Work around your schedule until you find something that works best. Take feedback to stay constructive. Every challenge is an opportunity and taking the challenge will help you grow and lead you where you need to go to achieve your highest potential. Don’t give up!