Peer Mentoring at Larimer Campus

The Peer Mentors in the Academic Support Center are here to help welcome you to our FRCC community and ease your transition to college.

Peer Mentors are guides, academic coaches, leaders, and helpers for new and continuing FRCC students. They:

  • Provide encouragement and support through personal and academic challenges.
  • Help students set goals, manage their time, and stay organized.
  • Assist students with understanding college expectations, navigating technology like D2L, connecting with campus resources, and developing effective college learning skills.
  • Share their strategies for success with academic skills like reading college textbooks, taking notes and doing well on exams.

To schedule a meeting with a Peer Mentor, please complete the Peer Mentor Request or contact the Academic Support Center at 970-204-8112.

Peer Mentor Request


Please Note: Peer Mentor sessions are available the week before the semester begins. We will do our best to accommodate mentor requests within 1-2 business days. You can choose to meet with a mentor once to get help with a specific task or weekly throughout the semester for ongoing support in navigating college.

Meet our Peer Mentors!

Click the names below to learn more about each mentor.

Educational goals: Finish a bachelor’s degree at CSU and go to graduate school 

Career & Academic Community: Math & Science 

Interests & Involvement: Wolves to Rams scholarship, skiing, backpacking 

Coursework Taken: Chemistry, biology, math 

College success strategy: Keep track of coursework for each class and make time to get each task done. 

Educational goals: Finish a bachelor’s degree in psychology and then continue to law school 

Career & Academic Community: Social Sciences, Education & Public Service 

Interests & Involvement: Ice hockey, hiking, fishing, hanging out with my dog, board games, video games, D&D 

Coursework Taken: psychology, ethics, literature, English 

College success strategy: Finding what works to keep yourself on track and reach your goals takes some trial and error.  Don’t give up; try new ways to manage your time and keep organized until something clicks!