Location Codes

Campus and/or location codes appear on your schedule or in a class search.  Use this key to understand at which campus and in which location your classes are held. 

Boulder County Campus

Campus (CMP) Code: FBC
Location Code: FBCMIL

2121 Miller Drive
Longmont, CO 80501

BCC Driving directions
Boulder County Campus map

Brighton Center

Campus (CMP) Code: FBR
Location Code: FRBRIG

1850 Egbert Center, Ste 100
Brighton, CO 80601

Brighton Driving directions
Brighton Center map

Larimer Campus

Campus (CMP) Code: FLC
Location Code: FLARMR

4616 S Shields St
Fort Collins, CO 80525

LC Driving directions
Larimer Campus map

Westminster Campus

Campus (CMP) Code: FWC
Location Code: FWSTMR

3645 West 112th Ave
Westminster, CO 80031

WC Driving directions
Westminster Campus map

FRCC Online

Campus (CMP) Code: FON
Location Code: FOFRCC

CCCS Online

Campus (CMP) Code: FCN
Location Code: FOCCC

Fossil Ridge High School

Campus (CMP) Code: FLC
Location Code: FLFRHS

5400 Ziegler Rd
Fort Collins, CO 80528

Fossil Ridge Driving directions