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Highway Maintenance Management Degree

Offered at: Online

First Highway Management Program in the Nation

There are an estimated 830 openings annually in the Colorado highway maintenance workforce. This is the first and only program of its kind in the nation. FRCC’s program was developed in collaboration with a number of industry partners, including: Colorado Department of Transportation, Colorado Local Technical Assistance Program, and county and municipality public works departments.

Only for Current Highway Maintenance Workers

This program could be right for you if :

  • You currently work in highway maintenance
  • You are seeking professional development
  • You want a college degree
  • You need to take online classes to accommodate your schedule

Advance Your Career in Highway Management

Earn the management skills—and the degree—that will make you more qualified and competitive for that next promotion. Get credit for your industry experience, skills, training, and certifications—and apply them toward an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Highway Maintenance Management. The required academic and management courses can be done completely online.

Great Professional Development for Employees

For highway maintenance managers, this is a great professional development program for your employees. FRCC’s program goes beyond technical job training into management competencies that increase your team’s professionalism and critical thinking skills, and preparation of your organization’s next generation of leaders. 

A.A.S. Highway Maintenance Management

60 credits
(4 semesters)

This two-year degree prepares highway maintenance employees to pursue management positions in Highway Maintenance at federal, state, county, municipal agencies and private sector industry organizations. Students will develop skills in project management, planning, supervision, communication, and team building. 

Highway Management degree: See required courses and descriptions.

Senior Seminar in Public Works and Road Maintenance

Designed for high school seniors, this program is a smooth on-ramp to a career in public works and road maintenance. Learn more about Senior Seminar in Public Works & Road Maintenance

What You Will Learn

Upon completion of the Highway Maintenance Management Program students will be able to: 

  1. Demonstrate knowledge of highway maintenance and operations activities performed on national, state, county, municipal, and rural roadways. 

  2. Implement and oversee programs and processes to ensure the safety of workers and the public. 

  3. Interpret and implement traffic control plans in highway maintenance work zones and emergency work zones while providing traffic control for other entities, such as the Colorado State Patrol. 

  1. Identify proper preventive measures and preservation treatments to maintain asphalt, concrete, and gravel roads. 

  1. Implement asset management practices to make the most effective use of financial, equipment, material, and staffing resources to achieve highway maintenance project goals and objectives. 

  1. Manage highway maintenance projects by effectively planning, implementing, controlling, evaluating, and leading activities. 

  2. Implement human relations strategies, such as motivating employees, handling customer complaints, and effectively resolving workplace conflicts. 

  3. Communicate effectively orally and in writing with managers, employees, contractors, other government agencies, the public, and other stakeholders. 

  4. Make decisions and manage organizational resources based on principles of corporate and social responsibility. 

  5. Develop knowledge and skills in one or more highway maintenance specialty areas: highway engineering technician; highway materials and structures; highway equipment operations and management; environmental protection; and incident management, emergency management, and weather events. 

Highway Maintenance Annual Salaries

Jobs Entry Average Experienced
Highway maintenance worker/technician (entry-level) $36,108 $46,007 $50,957

Colorado Dept. of Labor & Employment (2021)
Colorado Department of Transportation’s Division of Human Resources Workforce)


* Degree with designation