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TRIO logoFront Range Community College (FRCC) is lucky to have three TRIO programs to that serve students who are from limited income, who are first generation college students, and who are students with documented disabilities on their journey toward enrolling and graduating from college.

What is TRIO?

TRIO is a federally funded program designed to provide a community of support to students who have limited income, are first-generation college students, and/or have a documented disability. They are designed to support and motivate students' progress through the academic pipeline from middle school through college. The programs include Talent Search, Upward Bound, Upward Bound Math/Science, Veterans' Upward Bound, Student Support Services, Educational Opportunity Centers, the Ronald E. McNair Post-Baccalaureate Achievement Program, and Training Grants.

At FRCC, we have the Upward Bound program for students at Westminster High School and two Student Support Services programs for students enrolled at FRCC.

Student Support Services (SSS): College Students

TRIO SSS is a program designed to provide a community of support to students who are from limited income, are first generation college students, and/or students with documented disabilities. We provide wraparound services that promote academic, personal, and professional growth, as well as assistance navigating financial aid and financial literacy. TRIO SSS provides a positive environment where SSS Scholars know their voice, experiences and dreams will be cultivated and inspired to grow. Studies show that SSS participants have higher rates of student retention and transfer, improved grade point averages, and credit accumulation. They also have higher rates in degree completion at both two-year colleges at 41% vs. 28% and four-year colleges at 48% vs. 40% (Source: Center for Opportunities in Education).

Learn more about the Student Support Services program for your campus:

Upward Bound (UB): High School Students

The Front Range Community College TRIO Upward Bound (FRCC TRIO UB) Program serves as a supportive learning community to assist 60 Westminster High School students and their families annually with navigating educational and career pathways. Once admitted to the program, participants receive holistic support to complete high school graduation requirements and pursue a post-secondary education at a college of their choice.



Who is a first-generation college student?

Neither natural or adoptive parent(s)/guardian(s) earned a four-year college degree.

Who is eligible to participate in TRIO Programs?

  • Attend Westminster High School (Upward Bound only)
  • Be a US Citizen or Permanent Resident
  • Meet one or more of the following criteria:
    • First-generation college student
    • Meet income eligibility requirements as determined by federal guidelines
    • Have a documented disability (Student Support Services Only)

What can I use for income verification?

For the Upward Bound program, income is verified through the original application to be considered for services.

For the Student Support Services program, the following can be used to verify income:

  • Signed statement from the parent or legal guardian
  • Verification from another governmental source
  • Signed financial application
  • Signed US Tax Return

I have a documented disability. Will TRIO SSS provide accommodations?

Accommodations for SSS Scholars are done through the FRCC Disability Support Services office on your campus. TRIO SSS will collaborate with the DSS office but will not provide accommodations.

Upward Bound will collaborate with Westminster High School offices to ensure accommodations.

I am a transfer student; can I still apply to the TRIO SSS program?

Yes, students transferring into FRCC can apply to TRIO Students Support Services.

What if I applied last year and didn't get in?

Please do apply again! Circumstances may have changed, and you may now be eligible for the program.

I am a student at the FRCC-Larimer Campus, are there TRIO services available there?

FRCC Larimer Campus partners with the Colorado State University Educational Opportunity Center, a TRIO program that is dedicated to helping adults re-engage with their education. The Larimer County Educational Opportunity Center (LEOC) offers free services that will assist you in completing your FAFSA and take the time to explain the financial aid process. LEOC will also help with scholarship searches, career exploration, defaulted student loan assistance, and transferring to any educational institution.

Make sure to ask them about the EOC Partnership Award. To get in touch with the Larimer County EOC, you can reach them at (970) 491-2521 or e-mail Jan Barela-Smith, or Martha Dailey, They look forward to hearing from you!


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