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What is TRIO SSS?

TRIO Student Support Services (TRIO SSS) is a federally funded program designed to provide a community of support to students who have limited income, are first-generation college students, and/or have a documented disability. Our mission is to create a trusting community of hope that supports TRIO scholars to realize their potential as they achieve their goals for the future. 

We provide wraparound services that promote academic, personal and professional growth—as well as assistance navigating financial aid and financial literacy. 

TRIO SSS provides a positive environment where SSS scholars know that their voice, experiences and dreams will be cultivated and inspired to grow.

TRIO Services

TRIO SSS is here to support you with the services listed below.

  • Academic Support: Get help with creating your academic plan and planning the classes you'll take at FRCC. You can also use our academic tutoring services.
  • Transfer Assistance: Connect to resources at four-year schools and go on campus tours to find which institution will be your next home after FRCC.
  • Financial Literacy: Get guidance on completing the federal financial aid form, understanding the financial aid process and finding scholarships. Attend workshops focused on topics that range from budgeting and savings to credit cards and the economy.
  • Career Exploration and Preparation: Connect with resources that will help you figure out what educational path you want to follow, as well as helping you take that next step into your career.
  • Wolf Success Workshops: Attend workshops on a variety of topics like: tips on being a successful student, resume writing, equity and inclusion, leadership development and more! We will always welcome topic recommendations from our scholars too!
  • Cultural and Community Activities: Expand your comfort zone by participating in cultural and community activities that will increase your awareness of our global society.
  • Mentorship: Connect with a peer mentor who has shared experiences and can be a guide on your educational journey.

Be a Part of the TRIO SSS Program

Become a part of TRIO SSS and start working with our supportive staff on your continued educational journey. The Boulder County Campus TRIO SSS program is able to support 140 students each school year.


Note: Requirements are set by the federal government.

  • Accepted to or be enrolled as a FRCC-Boulder County Campus student
  • US Citizen or Permanent Resident
  • Meet one or more of the following criteria:
  • Need for academic support
  • Commitment to the 3:2:1 TRIO Wolf Success Plan:
    • Three meetings with your TRIO SSS Success Coach each semester you are enrolled in classes
    • Two TRIO Wolf Success Workshops or activities each semester
    • One mentoring activity or access services at the Academic Success Center
  • Desire to graduate with an associate degree and/or transfer to a four-year institution.

How to Apply

  1. Complete, sign and submit your BCC TRIO SSS application
    You cannot save and restart this application. You may want to review the included items, take some time to make notes and gather the required documents, and then return to submit your application.
  2. Share your story in a short interview with TRIO SSS staff.
  3. Check your student email in eWOLF.
  4. Become a part of the TRIO community!

Boulder County Campus Resources

Want to Learn More?

If you'd like more information about the TRIO SSS program at FRCC's Boulder County Campus, just fill out our interest form and a staff member will get back to you.

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Feel free to reach out to our Boulder County Campus TRIO team.

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