How Online Classes Work

How Online Classes Work

Online learning works with your life. Focus on classes when it's convenient for you, leaving time for your work and family commitments. And if you don't live near a campus? You'll eliminate the commute by taking classes online.

To help you navigate the online learning experience, we've included the information below. We encourage all students to reference the Introduction to Online Learning and participate in the Online Student Union; both are located in MyCourses.

  • The Introduction to Online Learning tutorial will show you how to navigate the MyCourses platform and be successful with online learning
  • The Online Student Union is a place for all FRCC students to connect with one another.

Steps to Take Online Classes

STEP 1: Apply to FRCC

STEP 2: Log in to Navigate to complete your To-Do Items. 

STEP 3: Meet with your Academic Advisor

STEP 4: Complete Online New Student Orientation (Access from the Navigate To-Do items)

STEP 5: Complete Introduction to Online Learning

Students who have registered for their first online class at FRCC are required to complete an Introduction to Online Learning, which provides the following information:

  • Learn how to use the online class management system, MyCourses
  • Understand the requirements and expectations of online classes
  • Access tips and resources for the best possible experience in online classes 

Once You are Enrolled in Online Classes

Log in to MyCourses

Students log in to MyCourses to access their classes. Students can view their syllabus and grades; contact professors, classmates and support services; access course materials; and monitor their progress on lessons in MyCourses.

Use Online Resources

Online students have access to all available campus resources such as tutoring, counseling, disability services, and more!

FRCC Online vs. CCCOnline Classes: Differences

 FRCC Online Classes:

  • Guaranteed FRCC instructor.
  • FRCC Online offices and staff are available on all campuses.
  • FRCC Online Student Union is a virtual gathering place for all FRCC students.

CCC Online classes - Colorado Community College: 

  • Classes can be taught by any instructor in the Colorado Community College system.
  • CCC Online classes may have different start dates than FRCC classes.

Learn more about CCCOnline classes.


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