MyCourses Tutorials

Getting Started with MyCourses

MyCourses is a learning management system that the college uses. All courses at FRCC have a MyCourses shell.  How MyCourses is used will vary from course to course, so be sure to access and review the resources that your course instructors have provided.

Logging Into MyCourses

Tutorial covering the basics of how to log into MyCourses.

Getting Familiar with the My Home Page

Tutorial covering the basics of the My Home Page.

Getting Familiar with the Course Home Pages

Tutorial covering the basics of Course Home Pages.

Accessing Internal Messaging

Tutorial covering the basics of accessing Internal Messaging.

Accessing Student Resources

All students enrolled in courses for the semester are also enrolled in the Introduction to Online Learning and the Online Student Union.

  • The Introduction to Online Learning is a self-paced course is designed to help FRCC students be more successful in the online learning environment - whether your course is "fully online" or "real-time remote". This resource addresses:
    • Being Successful Online
    • Intro to Online Learning 
    • Additional Learning Technologies
  • The Online Student Union is a place to get involved, share your voice, find resources, meet new people, connect with your CAC, win prizes and scholarships, and HAVE FUN! :)

These resources are accessed in MyCourses, from the FRCC Resources navigation grouping.