How Online Classes Work

Steps to Take Online Classes

STEP 1: Enroll at FRCC

If you have not yet enrolled as an FRCC student, follow these instructions on how to get started at FRCC. (The enrollment process is the same for all students, whether you are taking classes in a traditional classroom, online or both.)

STEP 2: Registration

Once you are enrolled and accepted as an FRCC student, you can register for classes. See how to register for classes. When doing a class search, be sure to select Online under the Instructional Method to view all online class options. 

STEP 3: Orientation

Students who have registered for their first online class at FRCC are required to complete an orientation to online classes.

Setting Up Your Computer

All online courses use software called Desire2Learn. Run a system check to ensure that your computer is properly configured for Desire2Learn.

Exams and Testing

A small number of FRCC Online classes require proctored exams. Your choices for taking proctored exams are:

  • Take your exam at any FRCC campus testing center with a valid, government-issued photo ID.
  • Arrange to have your exams proctored at another pre-approved location (usually another college or library). Complete this form.
  • Use the online proctoring service called ProctorU. Please note:
    • Not available for most math tests, as well as all other paper/pencil tests.
    • A fee will be charged by ProctorU.


To find the required books for your course, first know your course and section number. Online classes will have section numbers in the 500's (e.g. ENG 121 501). Required books for online courses are not always identical to required books for classroom courses. Some courses also require software, lab kits, tools, or other equipment.

You can buy your books in-person from any campus bookstore or order them online for later pick-up or delivery.

Online Library

We have a variety of resources available to our online students. You are welcome to use any of our campus libraries which include a variety of online resources.

What is CCCOnline?

Colorado Community College Online (CCCOnline) is a part on the Colorado Community College System and is based in Denver. They create online classes that are offered at FRCC in addition to the online classes that are created and offered by FRCC instructors. Learn more about CCCOnline classes.

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