Advising & Academic Assistance FAQs

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What services do you have for students with disabilities?

Disability Services at each of our campuses assists students with documented disabilities in acquiring the skills and tools necessary for success in the classroom and the workplace. Students with documented disabilities may qualify for:

  • Testing Accommodations
  • Note Taking Services
  • Alternate Format Texts
  • Assistive Technology
  • Interpreting Services

Learn About Disability Support Services

Do you have academic support services?

FRCC is committed to helping students. We have math labs, writing centers, and computer centers on each campus providing students with the support necessary to succeed. We also have an online writing center where students can submit their writing for critique and help. In addition, some campuses offer science support centers and assistance with specialized courses in programs that are career oriented (e.g., accounting, nurse aide). Services are offered in a variety of ways, ranging from individualized study programs to computer assisted instruction.

See information about services, hours and locations for your campus.

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Do you offer tutoring services?

Students taking one or more classes at Front Range Community College may be eligible for free tutoring services. We offer a variety of tutoring options at each of our campuses, including personal tutors, study skills seminars and support centers for many subjects. Learn more about the subject-specific academic support and tutoring available at each campus.

FRCC Academic Success Centers

What is academic advising?

Academic advisors help you develop your educational plan, choose your major, and select the right courses for your program. They can help you connect with resources you may need within the college or within your community. They can also help you with any transfer questions that you might have.

We recommend that you meet with your academic advisor each semester to ensure you will complete your certificate and/or degree on time with the classes you need.

You can make a 30-minute appointment with your academic advisor for long-term academic planning .

You can stop by for a quick 15-minute meeting with a drop-in advisor, to address immediate needs.

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How do I schedule an appointment with an academic advisor?

Academic advisors are available during the day (M-F) at all of our campuses. There are a few ways to meet with an advisor.


You can schedule a 30-minute appointment in advance to see an academic advisor. At an appointment, you can make in-depth, long-term academic plans for your time at FRCC. Appointments are generally available throughout the year, but may not be available at your campus during our peak registration periods in January and August. 

Drop-In Advising

Drop-in advising is a short 10-15 minute advising session and is for immediate needs only. Wait times vary, and will be longer during January and August.


You can email general questions by submitting this form. You'll hear back from an academic advisor by the end of the next business day.

When is the best time to meet with a academic advisor?

Academic advisors are available Monday-Friday year round, and we encourage you to come in at least once a semester.

  • We recommend that you make an appointment to meet with your Pathways Advisor well before registration opens, so you have adequate time to plan for future semesters.
    • Summer and fall registration opens in March.
    • Spring registration opens in October.

If you meet with your academic advisor early, you will be ready to register when your registration window opens, which will give you the greatest selection of classes.

Do you offer TRIO support services?

The TRIO Student Support Services program at the FRCC Westminster Campus serves students from first-generation, low income backgrounds and students with documented disabilities. 

Students in this program will receive:

  • Help with course selection
  • Development of a graduation/ transfer plan
  • Assistance completing FAFSA
  • Scholarships search
  • Career counseling
  • Referral to resources
  • Specialized study and life skill workshops

TrIO Student Support Services

What is a Career & Academic Community?

Career & Academic Communities will help you reach your goals. Each community has its own advisors ready to answer your questions, connect you to resources, and support your success. When you join a community, you connect with students who share your aspirations and with faculty experts in your field of interest. You will have opportunities to explore career options and participate in projects, field trips, lecture series, performances, and films. FRCC has six communities to choose from:

What is an "Advising Hold" and how do I get it removed?

All new students indicating they are a first-time college student on their FRCC application will automatically have an "Advising Hold " placed on their account which prevents the student from registering for classes.

To have the hold removed the student must meet with their academic advisor. Contact the advising office at your campus to make an appointment with your advisor.

What is academic probation?

A student is placed on academic probation when their cumulative GPA first falls below a 2.0 for all courses completed at FRCC (after a student has completed 9 or more credit hours).

Once the cumulative GPA has reached 2.0, the student is back in good standing.

If you have questions, please contact your academic advisor.

What is an academic plan?

An academic plan identifies classes and class sequences that will help you achieve your academic goals at FRCC, whether those goals include a degree, certificate, prerequisites for a program, or classes for professional development.

Academic plans are very important tools to help you see the overall requirements of your program and how you will complete the degree/certificate. When you make an appointment, your Pathways Advisor can help you identify any prerequisites you might have for classes and the order in which classes should be taken.

When creating a plan, you can also evaluate how many classes you want to take each semester and discuss how that class load will fit with other obligations you might have in your life. Our goal is for you to be successful, and we have found that students with an academic plan have a clearer sense of direction and knowledge of how to complete their programs than students who don't have an academic plan.

New Students will create an academic plan with their academic advisor.

How do I make a veterans advising appointment?

FRCC has designated Veteran Services Advisors at each campus. 

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Do you have a student code of conduct?

FRCC has a student code of conduct document that FRCC students are expected to follow. The code of conduct includes information on students' rights, freedoms, and responsibilities. Conduct which violates student rights and freedoms is subject to disciplinary action. In addition, there is information about the student disciplinary and judicial procedures along with student grievance procedures.

Additional Information

What if I'm a concurrent enrollment student

More information on concurrent enrollment can be found on our Concurrent Enrollment webpage.

Concurrent Enrollment Information

When do classes start?

General information on semester start dates (and other important dates) can be found on our academic calendar.

Please note that class start dates depend on the class you've registered for. You can view your class schedule in Navigate for details.

FRCC Academic CalendarView Your Class Schedule in Navigate

How do I purchase books for my classes?

Books and other course materials are available through our bookstore.

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What if I want to come back to FRCC after being away for 3 or more semesters?

If you have been away from FRCC for three or more semesters, you will need to reapply to FRCC to be readmitted.  Once you've reapplied, you can schedule an appointment with an academic advisor.

Apply as a Returning Student