Welcome to Front Range Community College

At FRCC, our Number One priority is student success. We believe that learning is a partnership between students, faculty, and staff. In everything we do, FRCC focuses on helping our students reach their goals.

One Focus: Your Success

  • We help each student find a clear purpose early in their FRCC journey. 
  • We connect students to mentors, peers with similar interests, faculty, advisors, and other resources that will help them along the way. 
  • We outline a clear, specific plan for each student to reach their individual goals. Then we support them along the way, and help them stay on their chosen path. 
  • We engage students in their education—in and out of the classroom.

We Prepare You for the Real World

Our career/technical programs train students for immediate employment and careers in more than three dozen high-demand fields. FRCC regularly adds innovative new programs in emerging fields where students can get good jobs. More than 20 of our certificate or Associate of Applied Science (AAS) programs have state, regional and/or national accreditation.

You Learn on Cutting-Edge Equipment

Our classrooms and labs use some of the most advanced technology in the state. Students work with the latest software and computer equipment, and our state-of-the-art facilities ensure teaching is always at the leading edge.

Your Credits are Guaranteed to Transfer

Our transfer students do as well as—or better than—students who start at universities. In fact, Front Range was recently profiled as one of the top six community colleges in the country for transfer student success.  Our Associate of Arts (AA) and Associate of Science (AS) degrees are guaranteed to transfer to public four-year colleges and universities in Colorado.

FRCC is the number one transfer institution for:

  • University of Colorado-Boulder
  • Colorado State University-Fort Collins
  • Metropolitan State University of Denver
  • CSU-Global

We Embrace Equity and Inclusion 

FRCC students come from all walks of life—every student matters here. We know that including and respecting our diverse experiences and values is the best way to promote student success. FRCC is committed to inclusive excellence, educational equity and advancing opportunity for all. 

You can Save Thousands of Dollars

Starting at FRCC helps you reach your goals affordably. By completing two years of a four-year education at FRCC, students save an average of $11,000.

We Help You Succeed

When it comes to focusing on your success, FRCC is unmatched. We're excited that you've chosen to partner with us as you begin—or continue—your educational journey.