Developmental Math Classes

There are two math courses that prepare students to enter into college-level math upon successful completion.  Each math class prepares students for different types of degrees -- liberal arts or STEM --, so be sure to talk with an advisor prior to registration.

Course Course Focus Great for Students Who... Time Required
MAT 050


This course centers on quantitative reasoning and seeks to develop number sense, algebraic thinking, and critical thinking skills while connecting mathematics to real world applications. The focus is on conceptual understanding and application.
  • Want to take math for Liberal Arts (MAT 120)
  • Want to take Statistics (MAT 135), Integrated Math (MAT 155/156) and college level career math courses (MAT 103, 107, 108)


4 Credit Hours

MAT 055


This course focuses on algebraic reasoning and seeks to develop solid algebraic skill in formal mathematics. The learning outcomes include algebraic skill, conceptual understanding, and application.


  • Want to take College Algebra (MAT 121) and the Calculus sequence (MAT 125, 166, 201, 202, 204)
  • Need MAT 121 for specific Degrees with Designation or who need some level of Calculus for a STEM degree.
4 Credit Hours

Co-Requisite Labs

AAA 095
(aligns with MAT 050)

MAT 025
(aligns with MAT 055)

MAT 091
(aligns with MAT 107)

MAT 092
(aligns with MAT 120, 135, 155, 156, BUS 226)

MAT 093
(aligns with MAT 121)

These courses support specific learning outcomes in conjunction with the content taught in the primary math course to which it aligns.
  • Need additional academic skills support
  • Assess slightly below the cut-off for direct placement into the corresponding math course


1 Credit Hour of LAB