About the Campus Security Department

The Department of Campus Security and Preparedness has 17 full-time security officers that provide professional safety and security coverage throughout the college. Each campus has a Campus Security and Preparedness (CSP) office staffed by a supervisor and a team of officers. These officers patrol campus buildings, parking lots, and grounds while enforcing system policies and college rules, regulations, and procedures.  We will respond to all emergency and non-emergency calls on campus and call for local law enforcement as needed.

  • Campus Security and Preparedness officers have the authority to ask persons for identification and to determine whether individuals have lawful business at Front Range Community College.
  • Campus security officers are not sworn law enforcement officers and do not possess arrest power.
  • All Student Code of Conduct violations are sent to and addressed by the campus Dean of Student Affairs.
  • Minor crimes may be initially handled by Campus Security and then referred to the police, while other crimes may be referred directly to the police department that has jurisdiction on the campus.
  • The Department of Campus Security and Preparedness maintains a professional working relationship with the local city police departments where each campus, center or site is located, their respective county sheriff's office, and the Colorado State Patrol.

Annual Security Report

Front Range Community College provides an Annual Security Report to comply with the Crime Awareness and Campus Security Act of 1990, also known as the Clery Act. This report provides current and perspective students, faculty and staff with a comprehensive and transparent overview of the safety and security policies on our campuses, centers and sites. The Department of Campus Security and Preparedness prepares this report annual in collaboration with, FRCC's Title IX Compliance Officer, Deans of Student Services, Financial Aid Training & Compliance Specialist and local law enforcement agencies, and includes crime statistics from the three (3) preceding calendar years.

Our Mission

Campus Security and Preparedness' mission is to provide a safe and secure learning and working environment on all Front Range Community College campuses through professional officer presence and professional customer service while leveraging technology. We strive to accommodate the needs of the college staff and the students. By becoming our partners, you can assist us in making our campus community a safer and more secure place to be.

Ways We Can Help

Jumping a battery

If you need a battery boost for your vehicle, go to your Campus Security office or contact your campus security office by phone.

First aid for minor injuries

Assistance with minor injuries can be obtained from the Campus Security Office.  If the injury is not minor, call 911.

Reporting car accidents, theft, vandalism, injury

Contact your local campus security office.

Lost & found

To look for a lost item or to turn in a lost or found item, please stop by the Campus Security office on your campus. To claim an item, you will need to describe the item specifically before it will be released.  Also, you will need to provide some form of identification and sign for the item.  Lost and found items are held for thirty (30) days.

Personal safety escort

Safety escorts are provided by Campus Security for FRCC students, faculty, staff and visitors.  Contact your campus security office.

Safety presentations

Education programming and informational awareness programs are offered on risk reduction that strives to empower victims, gives tips on how to recognize warning signals and how to prevent potential attacks and how to do so without victim-blaming approaches.  Available throughout the year are ongoing awareness and prevention campaigns from law enforcement sexual assault teams, local sexual assault and domestic violence advocacy groups, FRCC's Campus Security domestic violence program, and Student Life's sexual assault awareness program, as well as informational programming through brochures, displays and articles in various college publications.

Overnight parking requests

If you need to park on campus overnight, please submit a completed Overnight Parking Request Form to you campus security office.