A new state law (Senate Bill 24-131) affects the carrying of firearms on all Front Range Community College campuses.

As of July 1, 2024, state law will prohibit carrying firearms on college campuses, including all FRCC buildings and campus grounds, unless a limited exception applies. This ban applies to all individuals, including students, employees, guests and visitors, including those who hold a valid permit for concealed carry. 

Where Firearms Are Permitted 

Individuals who carry a firearm in accordance with a valid concealed carry permit may only carry firearms in parking areas. Students enrolled in FRCC’s law enforcement academy will be permitted to use firearms for approved educational purposes, subject to the rules and protocols of the program]. The law continues to permit FRCC authorized security personnel to carry and use firearms on campus. 

What You Can Do 

To comply with the new law, students, employees, guests and visitors should leave firearms at home or keep them properly secured in their vehicles while on campus. Firearms stored in vehicles must be appropriately locked and out of plain view as required by law, including House Bill 24-1348.  

If you have questions, or need additional information, please reach out to our Director of Campus Security & Preparedness Randy Merced at Randolph.merced@frontrange.edu.  

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