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Important Note: Front Range Community College does NOT issue an I-20 for the study of English. If you are interested in studying English, learn about our ESL programs.

Apply for Admission / F-1 Visa

Application Deadlines if You Are Out of the Country

Summer semester April 15
Fall semester June 15
Spring semester November 15

Apply as an International Student

  1. Apply for admission online. There is no application fee. Additional documentation is required for international students to receive an I-20 which is needed to request an F-1 visa.

  2. Review requirements and submit required admissions documents. Once you submit all admissions documents, please allow five business days for a response. Once we have reviewed your information we will email you. 

    • If you have not heard from us within five business days, please email us at
      • Use your FRCC student email within eWOLF.
      • Include your name and S number in all emails.

Next Steps

Upon receipt of all the above required documentation, FRCC will issue the United States Immigration Form I-20. You then will apply for an F-1 visa through the U.S. Consulate in your home country. Review F-1 visa requirements.

Immigration regulations allow you to travel to the U.S. no earlier than 30 days before the start of the semester. You are required to contact your Designated School Official (who issued your I-20) once you arrive in Colorado. Please contact us at

Log in to the eWOLF Student Portal

Click the Navigate icon to complete your To-Do items. Navigate

Please note, there is information about how to pay for college that does not apply to you as an International student:

  • Since you are attending FRCC on an F-1 visa you do not qualify for federal financial aid or the College Opportunity Fund (COF).
  • Log in to eWOLF (Use your student ID number that was emailed to you when you were accepted to FRCC).

Attend New Student Orientation

Attending new student orientation is required.

After New Student Orientation

After new student orientation, you'll be ready to:


If you have questions, email us at

  • Use your FRCC student email.
  • Include your name and S number.
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