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Financial Aid Forms

These forms all require Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you need to, you can download it free.

The Terms and Conditions of Awards explains financial aid eligibility and requirements at Front Range Community College. Students agree to certain conditions upon receipt of the Award Notification Letter.

NOTE: The Terms and Conditions can only be accepted electronically via your eWOLF account. 

2014-2015 Terms and Conditions of Awards

Submit this form if:

  1. You have already accepted your Stafford loan and now wish to decline the loan.
  2. You wish to request a reinstatement of a previously declined loan.
  3. You wish to request a reduction of a previously accepted loan.
  4. You wish to request loan disbursements be rescheduled due to changes in enrollment plans.

IMPORTANT: Any Stafford loan taken at Front Range Community College that is scheduled to disburse in its entirety in a single term will be scheduled to disburse in two separate and equal disbursements in that term.

Request for Change in Stafford Loan Amount for the 2014-2015 Academic Year

This information is requested when an applicant is selected for verification. If a student chooses not to utilize the IRS Data Retrieval Tool on the FAFSA, a signed federal tax return transcript from the IRS is required to complete verification requirements. Completing the Tax Requirements for FAFSA Verification (below) reference can be used to obtain this information. FRCC strongly recommends option 1, which directs students to link their IRS information directly to the FAFSA. An IRS data retrieval tutorial is available to help with this process.

Completing the Tax Requirements for FAFSA Verification, 2014-2015 Academic Year

This form is requested when an individual has reported him/herself on the FAFSA as being an unaccompanied youth who is homeless or self-supporting or at risk of being homeless. Note that this is not an appeal form. Students wishing to appeal dependency will need to speak with a Financial Aid Advisor.

2014-2015 Unaccompanied Youth Form

One of these forms will be requested if you are selected for verification. The form must be fully completed and signed in order to be processed. Dependent forms require the signature of both the student and one parent. Be sure to use the form for the correct school year.

2014-2015 Verification Form 1-Dependent Student

2014-2015 Verification Form 3-Dependent Student

2014-2015 Verification Form 4-Dependent Student

2014-2015 Verification Form 5-Dependent Student

2014-2015 Verification Form 6-Dependent Student

One of these forms will be requested if you are selected for verification. The form must be fully completed and signed in order to be processed. Be sure to use the form for the correct school year.

2014-2015 Verification Independent Form 1

2014-2015 Verification Independent Form 3

2014-2015 Verification Independent Form 4

2014-2015 Verification Independent Form 5

2014-2015 Verification Independent Form 6

This document is used when our office is attempting to determine your educational goals after you have completed a previous degree. Please read the document carefully as additional documentation may be necessary.  
Purpose of Educational Goals

If our office requires clarification on information provided in your application, you may be asked to submit this form. Note:

  •  Dependent students: both student and one parent signature is required.
  •  Independent students: only your signature is required.


This form is requested when our office is trying to determine your financial aid eligibility and you have been awarded financial aid at another school. We will need to know the amount of financial aid that you received before we can offer you any aid at Front Range Community College. Print this form and have a financial aid representative at your previous school complete this document. Once returned to our office, we will review and continue with the awarding process.
This form is required for all Satisfactory Academic Progress appeals. All appeals also require a written statement from you and additional documentation, such as a statement from your physician or a court document.
FA SAP Appeal
This form is required when your Selective Service registration cannot be confirmed. You must submit the completed signed form and all required support documentation.
Selective Service Verification (SELEC)
This form is a checklist if you are currently on financial aid and are transferring to another school. For your benefit, please complete this form to make sure you have a smooth financial aid transition to your new school.
Transfer Checklist
This form is requested when you have failed, withdrawn or dropped a class within a term and will be attending a future class within the same term. If this form is not received, you may owe money to the school due to being unsuccessful in your classes. 
Written Confirmation of Future Attendance (WCFA)
Contact Financial Aid

Email us or contact office at your campus:

Boulder County Campus

Phone: (303) 678-3696

Fax: (303) 678-3693

Larimer Campus

Phone: (970) 204-8376

Fax: (970) 204-8365

Westminster Campus

Phone: (303) 404-5250

Fax: (303) 439-9454

Brighton Center

Phone: (303) 404-5250

Fax: (303) 439-9454

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