Bookstore Accounts


You can always pay out-of-pocket for your college books. Or, if you have financial aid money left over after you pay your tuition and fees, you can use the balance to buy textbooks.


A bookstore account will be automatically set up for you to use online or in the bookstore on your campus. Look for an announcement in eWOLF when bookstore accounts open.


Buy Textbooks or Rent Textbooks for Up to 60% Off


The FRCC Campus Stores are the place to get all of your required course materials, including new and used textbooks and e-books. We work on providing you the best prices, and you can be sure you will always get the correct book from the FRCC Campus Stores.


Order Online to Save Time


You can pick up your order in the store or have it shipped to you.

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Trouble Buying Your College Textbooks?


You may not have a bookstore account if you:
  • Don't have enough financial aid to cover both tuition and books
  • Are not meeting the academic standards required for your award
  • Filed your FAFSA right before school started and haven't received your financial aid award yet
  • Are scheduled to receive alternative student loans only