College and Academic Advising

The Pathways Advising and Career Center provides appointments for students based on their Career and Academic Community (CAC). The Career and Academic Communities are:

New to FRCC?

If you’re a new student, log in to the eWOLF student portal and click the Navigate icon to Navigate iconcomplete your To-Do items:

  • Submit the Pre-Registration form to get placed into the right classes
  • Meet with your Pathways Advisor
  • Sign up for required New Student Orientation
  • Activate your student email
  • Other helpful things to get you started at FRCC

Advising Appointments

Each Career and Academic Community offers appointments to assist students with detailed advising questions and needs. Meet your advisor. Make an appointment with an academic advisor for:

  • Academic planning and goal setting
  • Discussing placement test scores or exemptions
  • Choosing classes using the academic plans (MAPs)
  • Changing major or program of study
  • Reviewing Degree Check and graduation planning
  • Transferring in or out of FRCC
  • Credit completion warnings
  • Academic suspension or probation

How to Prepare for Your Appointment

To get the most out of your advising session, make sure to bring:

  • Any documents or worksheets from previous advising sessions.

  • Any useful information you have about transfer requirements (if you’re hoping to transfer your credits from FRCC to another college or university).

  • A copy of your Degree Check in eWOLF—an online tool that helps you track your academic progress.

  • Any questions you have about courses, programs, schedules, or your educational plans.

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